Five Startup Business Ideas for Students

A lot of students’ energy goes away without making them profitable. We offer ideas for business startups and projects that are directly related to the learning process and that can tell one how to start a small business.

Selling branded clothing and accessories

Before starting this kind of business, you need to agree on this with the dean.
For a start, you should buy classic white loose-fitting shirts and T-shirts. Do not forget about the badges - this product should attract not only newly-minted students but also graduates. The emblem of the faculty or university can be found on the websites or in print from someone from the administration.
If your business needs more effort than you expected and you have a necessity of getting help with your essays, you may save a lot of time by ordering papers at professional services. You can also save some money if you search for special promo codes, for example, speedypaper discount code.
After receiving the goods, you start selling. You set prices for the goods 20-100% higher than the cost price. New batches of goods should be produced only after the sale of almost the entire previous batch.

Producing quality cribs

Ready-made cribs, which can also be found on the Internet, are not of high quality and reliability of the information. Thus, students who use them run the risk of getting a bad grade.
But there are many students who individually compose cribs while using program literature. In this regard, a rather interesting business can be built on the sale of quality cribs on various subjects in different periods of study.
It’s better to sell the cribs in printed form, so they are less likely to be spread quickly among students.

Making writing tasks

Sometimes students are so involved in parties and other social activities that they completely forget about studying. Just before deadlines, they start searching for help asking: “Do my homework for me, please” or “I need help on my math homework ASAP”. There are special writing services that provide such help to students, but you can also offer your aid and make some money in it.
Each work is assessed individually (depending on the subject, requirements for the design, graphic interpretation, etc.). If the work needs to be done urgently, the client pays an additional 20% of the original cost of the service.
If your service turns out to be in demand, in the future it will be possible to open your office (this way you will inspire more confidence among customers). In addition, you can also create your own website.

Setting up and maintaining gadgets

The initial capital is minimal: a computer connected to the Internet, where you can find instructions for any technique, and a small, well-lit private room.
The basis of the service that you can provide to your customers:
- gluing a screen protector;
- initial setup, instructing the user about all the capabilities of his gadget;
- adding/replacing applications and games;
- assistance in registering a user account in online stores, so that the client can download the necessary content himself.

Renting out everything in a row

Nowadays Internet sites of private ads are gaining popularity. They publish messages by authors who want to rent their personal belongings, housing, or offer a small service. You can rent literally everything - from skis to bicycles, and earn money. Housing students liked the idea of making an hourly rent of space. But even if you don’t own a home, you can rent out your things.
A business without investments, without rented premises, without loans and serious financial obligations - this is what an enterprising student needs. You can find ideas literally under your feet. Just don’t stop and be creative!