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Other sources of business ethics information are listed on this page. These are primarily located in Chicago and Northern Illinois and adjoining Midwest areas. In addition, there are some national and international sources.

Ethics information about specific businesses or professions is not listed. Users wanting information about ethics relating to specific areas of interest are encouraged to conduct their own Internet searches.

The links are listed for the convenience and reference of people interested in business ethics. If you have comments about the links noted, or have suggestions for additional links, please contact Tom Joyce of the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois at [email protected] .

Being listed does not constitute or imply endorsement, recommendation, sponsorship or approval of these sources, their information, services or products.

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DePaul University
Founded in 1985, The Institute for Business & Professional Ethics (IBPE) at DePaul University, Chicago, Ill., was established as a joint effort of the Colleges of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Commerce. The mission of the Institute is to facilitate ethical deliberation by stirring the moral conscience and by developing models for ethical decision-making in business and the professions, particularly aimed at: DePaul students, Chicago-area business organizations, and local and global community.

Illinois Institute of Technology
The Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions (CSEP) at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Ill., was established in 1976 to promote research and teaching on practical moral problems in the professions. The first interdisciplinary center for ethics to focus on the professions, CSEP continues to be one of the nation's leading centers for practical and professional ethics. It is known for its work on ethics in engineering and science and in related areas of business.

Indiana University
The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics, Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind., is committed to encouraging high quality interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching in practical and professional ethics by educators and practitioners who appreciate the theoretical and practical impacts of their subjects. The Association facilitates communication and joint ventures among organizations, centers, schools, colleges, and individuals concerned with the interdisciplinary study and teaching of practical and professional ethics.

The Center for Ethics Across the University at Loyola University, Chicago, Ill., was established in 1991, with the mission to promote the integration of ethics throughout the university and to serve as an important catalyst and clearinghouse for ethics-based programs and initiatives for the university and the community.

Founded in 1890, Ethics Journal from the University of Chicago Press publishes scholarly work in moral, political, and legal philosophy from a variety of intellectual perspectives, including social and political theory, law, and economics. In addition to major articles, Ethics Journal also publishes review essays, discussion articles, and book reviews.

University of Notre Dame
The Center For Ethics and Religious Values in Business at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Ind., founded in 1978, seeks to strengthen the Judeo-Christian ethical foundations in business and public policy decisions by fostering dialogue among academic and corporate leaders, as well as by research and publications. The center also helps to coordinate and integrate the teaching of ethics throughout the business curriculum at Notre Dame.
The Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide , University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Ind., was created in 2001 with the vision to advocate ethical business conduct in a global setting. The mission of the Institute consists of five elements: Cultivate the capacity for ethical conduct in our students through education, Expand knowledge in the field through research, Assist the academic community in its ability to provide business ethics education, Serve as a source of reference and guidance to the practitioner community on business ethics, Active outreach and partnerships with interested parties.

University of St. Francis
Founded in 1993, the Center for the Study of Contemporary Ethics at the University of St. Francis, Joliet, Ill., promotes the study of and commitment to ethics in the business environment. The Center for the Study of Contemporary Ethics offers two programs each academic year, and utilizes the expertise of professionals and academicians from throughout the country in considering issues such as Ethics in Everyday Business; Business, Faith and Economics; and The Culture of Health Care: End of Life Issues.

Western Illinois University
The Program for the Study of Ethics (PSE) at Western Illinois University, Macomb, Ill., was established in 1997 as a joint program of the College of Business and Technology and the College of Arts and Sciences. It serves as a special ethics resource for the University and community at large with a wide range of both theoretical and applied ethics-related books, tapes/DVDs, and other educational material.


BNET provides working professionals with the tools, advice and insight they need to succeed in today's workplace. This is a site for those who are committed to nurturing their own excellence, who believe in the meaning of work, and who know that a fulfilling career is an excellent way to make personal ambitions come true.

Ethics Resource Center
The Ethics Resource Center is devoted to independent research and the advancement of high ethical standards and practices in public and private institutions. For 85 years, the ERC has been a resource for institutions committed to strong ethics cultures.

International Business Ethics Institute
A private, nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational organization founded in 1994 in response to the growing need for transnationalism in the field of business ethics. The Institute is located in Washington, DC, with an affiliate office in London. The International Business Ethics Institute promotes business ethics and corporate responsibility through increasing public awareness and dialogue about international business ethics issues and the Institute works closely with companies to assist them in establishing effective international ethics programs.

Society For Business Ethics
The Society for Business Ethics is an international organization of scholars and others interested in business ethics. The Society provides a forum for those interested in research, teaching, or the practical application of ethical principles and concepts to the management of businesses. The Society conducts an annual meeting for the presentation and discussion of new research, issues a newsletter with information of interest to members, produces the scholarly journal Business Ethics Quarterly, and provides resources for those engaged in business ethics in their daily lives.

The area of compliance and ethics is a growing area of expertise in corporate America. Almost every company has implemented a compliance and ethics program or is in the process of doing so. The Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE) is an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of corporate governance, compliance, and ethics. It exists to champion ethical practice and compliance standards in all organizations and to provide the necessary resources for compliance professionals and others who share these principles.


Business Ethics Magazine
Online magazine of corporate responsibility. Web site states that for more than 20 years, Business Ethics has presented new ideas about the intersection of business and society, and the field of corporate responsibility.

Peer-reviewed scholarly journal that publishes theoretical and empirical research relevant to the ethics of business. As an interdisciplinary journal, Business Ethics Quarterly publishes articles and reviews on a broad range of topics, including the internal ethics of business organizations, the role of business organizations in larger social, political and cultural frameworks, and the ethical quality of market-based societies and market-based relationships. BEQ is sponsored by the Society for Business Ethics.

Corporate Responsibility Officer
CRO -- Corporate Responsibility Officer magazine and www.theCRO.com Web site is written for CRO members, practitioners, providers, academics, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, and communication firms that are interested in the areas of corporate responsibility, from compliance to governance, CSR to SRI, sustainability/environmental issues to philanthropy, and communications to supply chain.

Journal of Business Ethics
Publishes original articles from a wide variety of methodological and disciplinary perspectives concerning ethical issues related to business. Since its initiation in 1980, the editors of the Journal of Business Ethics have encouraged the broadest possible scope. The term `business' is understood in a wide sense to include all systems involved in the exchange of goods and services, while `ethics' is circumscribed as all human action aimed at securing a good life. Systems of production, consumption, marketing, advertising, social and economic accounting, labour relations, public relations and organizational behavior are analyzed from a moral viewpoint. The style and level of dialogue involve all who are interested in business ethics - the business community, universities, government agencies and consumer groups.