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The Ethics For Business Success Training Program is used by businesses and companies throughout the Chicago area to foster ethical business transactions.

The owners, presidents and managers of the following businesses understand the importance of ethics in making and sustaining successful companies.  They want their staffs to be productive and have a clear understanding of how to respond to issues and situations involving ethical choices.  Ethics training helps managers and staff understand the value of ethical business practices.

  • The Better Business Bureau Ethics Training Program can be used as part of initial orientation and training, as well as for periodic training of managers and employees.  Versions of the training program can be used in a group setting or as self-paced learning.
  • Many businesses keep a log of all employees who attend formal ethics training as evidence that the business has taken steps to ensure ethical business practices if legal issues or questions arise.

Abt Electronics

As a large, single-location, family-owned retailer, Abt Electronics has thrived despite heavy competition.  Honesty is a fundamental business value conveyed by all company policies.  It has a no-tolerance policy towards dishonesty.

  • As an example of ethics-in-action at this business, family members do not take merchandise. They buy it the same as any other customer.  No preference is shown.
  • Accountability through quality control, including secret shoppers, quality checks on every delivery, and financial incentives and disincentives guide employee behavior.

Dakota K Auto Repair

A family-owned business that has become known for its ethical standards, Dakota-K works to balance fairness to everyone involved in a transaction. The business ethics statement spells out its operating philosophy:

  • Never sell something that isn't needed.
  • Offer customers time on repairs that can wait, and concentrate on what is needed now.
  • Willingly admit when an error is made and work to correct it.


  • Follows ethics statement for customers.
  • Trains, disciplines and hires employees carefully.
  • Pays on time and treats vendors well.
  • Gives back to the community.
  • Manages business resources effectively.

DeVry University

One of the largest publicly held, higher education companies, DeVry University and its affiliates offer undergraduate and graduate programs. The university believes in doing well by doing good.

DeVry's corporate values speak directly to achievement on all levels:

  • Continuous Improvement. Continually improvement of individual and group performance in all aspects of work.
  • Individual Worth. Belief in the dignity and worth of each individual and striving to treat everyone with fairness and respect.
  • Superior Customer Service. Belief in the importance of each customer and satisfaction of customer expectations, and to do so in a helpful and caring manner.
  • High Standards. Belief that superior company performance requires a commitment to integrity, teamwork and individual responsibility, and doing each individual's personal best.

Combined Insurance

Business founder W. Clement Stone's belief in positive mental attitude continues to influence company operations today. His statement: "Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do," is a guide throughout the company.

Combined Insurance shows its concern for others with its interests arranged as an equal-sided triangle with the same emphasis and attention for each of the following: Customers, Sales Force and the Organization.

  • Whenever necessary, customers come first. That means Combined Insurance may have to pay out more claims, but they are able to retain customers longer and cross-sell more products.  This benefits the company by benefitting its customers.
  • Combined Insurance follows the ethics and values of its parent company, AON, and promotes an open-door policy for employees to share concerns with management, as well as an ethics hotline.
  • Showing concern for shareholders, Combined believes in being fair, honest and direct in communications even when the news is disappointing.