» Overview of the program

Ethics For Business Success® Training Program is a specially designed to assist management and employees in strengthening their business operations.  This helps everyone become more successful by establishing a strong ethical framework based on shared values.

Ethics For Business Success Training Program allows both employees and managers to explore the meaning and role of business ethics in their specific working environments by exploring questions and issues like the following:

  • How does ethics affect your business?
  • What do customers expect?
  • What do employees expect?
  • What does management expect?
  • Are they receiving it?
  • How do people view your company?
  • What is its reputation?

These are only a few of the topics that the training program opens for discussion and targets for answering and improvement.

The BBB business ethics training program is completely customizable for virtually any company. The program comes with two versions – management and employees – to help staff members at all levels better understand the importance of ethics and values in their particular workplace.  Versions of the training program can be used in a group setting or as self-paced learning.

The new Ethics For Business Success® Training Program from the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois helps business owners, managers, and employee lessen the disruptions and productivity loses that unethical behavior causes.