» What employees say about the need for ethics

Your employees may be loosing productivity because of ethics concerns.

Research shows that businesses that operate without clear ethical guidelines confuse their employees and loose customers.

According to recent research about ethics and workplace productivity:

  • 73% of full-time workers surveyed reported that they encountered ethical lapses on the job.
  • 36% reported being distracted by these incidents, some over an extended period.
  • 33% report these incidents happen at least once a week in the workplace.
  • Employees are unsure how to handle ethical problems at work. 43% handle it themselves and 48% involve management.
  • 58% of full-time workers who witnessed an incident did not report it because they were not directly involved in the incident.
  • Other reasons for not reporting ethical concerns include: lack of confidence in how management would handle it (14%), lack of comfort in reporting (13%), lack of formal reporting procedure (11%).

How are your employee responding to the ethical issues they see on the job? What programs do you have to help them?

The new Ethics For Business Success® Training Program from the Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois helps business owners, managers, and employee lessen the disruptions and productivity loses that unethical behavior causes.